Clients and Partners

Clients and Partners

Cybersecurity Solution Partners


MSI and Abacode’s cybersecurity service combines the expertise of our leading cybersecurity partner and key gifts to implement a comprehensive cybersecurity program and minimize risk.


Their unique model allows us to achieve continuous security and compliance.

Our cybersecurity partner Zettaset supports software-defined encryption, supporting real-time data protection in any architecture.


Providing transparent, high-performance data protection so that the benefits of DevOps initiatives are not lost when security is implemented.

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Cybersecurity Solution Partners

MSI Cloud Partners

HUAWEI Mobile Cloud

Offers commercial, technical, marketing and global ecosystem support

Google Cloud Platform

Provides virtual machines, storage, SQL databases

Microsoft Azure

Service offerings in the three layers of the cloud

Amazon Web Services

Pioneer of cloud computing services.

IoT Solution Partners

Our partner, Suntech, has been dedicated to R&D and production of crystalline silicon solar cells and modules for 20 years.
It is one of our suppliers in GPS devices.

Our partner, Thingstream, is a management platform for enterprise IoT services. It comprises IoT connectivity, security, support and more.

Our partner Teltonika, dedicated to R&D specialized in GPS devices, has more than 20 years of experience and has designed more than 14 million IoT devices.

Our partner Emnify, provides SIMs and platforms for connecting things. With cloud-native technology and SIM’s suitable worldwide.

Our partner Sinotrack is an IoT device provider specialized in GPS devices.

We have an active network in more than 190 countries.

We have strategic partners all over the world