General Information:

5G is the 5th generation of the mobile nets that we know. Letting in the past the 1G which only lets us make calls, 2G that includes SMS, 3G that includes the internet connection and the 4G which includes the broadband connection.


The most significant advance will come in terms of speed. 5G will allow browsing at up to 10 GBps (gigabytes per second). Which is 10 times faster than the main fiber optic offers on the market. Making possible, for example, to download a complete movie in a matter of seconds.

Apart of that advantage, it has several others, for example

Lower latency: Latency is the time that elapses since we give an order on our device until the action occurs. In 5G the latency will be ten times less than in 4G, being able to perform remote actions in real time.

Thanks to this low latency and the increase of the sensors, it is possible to control, for example, some of the following: The machinery of an industrial plant, control logistics or remote transport, surgical operations in which the doctor can intervene a patient, who, is at another side of the world with the help of precision instrumentation managed remotely or the complete control of remote transport systems, automated and without driver.

Greater number of connected devices: With 5G the number of devices that can be connected to the network increases greatly, it will go to millionaire scale per square kilometer.

It is anticipated that a common home will have a hundred connected devices sending and receiving information in real time. If we think of industrial plants we would speak of thousands of connected devices.

This greater number of connected devices will allow the smart cities and the autonomous car.

Network slicing: The 5G also allows to implement virtual networks (network slicing), create subnets, in order to provide connectivity more adjusted to specific needs.


The creation of subnetworks will give specific characteristics to a part of the network. This make it a programmable network and will allow to prioritize connections, as could be the emergencies in front of other users For example different latencies or prioritizing them in the connection to the network so that they can’t be affected by possible overloads of the mobile network.

This advances will make that the Cloud Computing services will be more effective than ever.


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