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In this next era of the Smart Building, the situation is changing fast and there are three technologies enabling this:


IoT (Internet of Things) devices – In the past the endpoint devices such as cameras, badge readers, and thermostats in a building were proprietary and expensive. The introduction of low cost devices coupled with the adoption of consistent communications standards is resulting in more devices and increased integration between systems.


Virtualization – One of the things that has held back virtualization and the integration of building technologies has been the requirement for each solution to have its own unique infrastructure. Now that the devices are IoT based, this presents an opportunity to simplify the building infrastructure and lower costs through virtualization.

Analytics – The analysis of data from the increased number of end devices can lead to changes in business processes to drive efficiencies and manage cost.

We are able to:

• Integrate the solutions required for an efficient implementation in security, access controls, energy management, and building management software.

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