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We provide services and rent equipment, among others, for network optimization, Drive test, Walk test, SSV, Spectrum Analyzers, Model Tuning, Scanners, Antennas, Clearance and frequency/interference Hunting.

Drive Test & Walk Test

We provide services and rent equipment with licenses associated to Drive Test and Walk test, indoors and outdoors

- Data collection software (laptop and phone).
- Post-processing software

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Post Processing

We offer equipment to postprocess the information obtained in the field during the Test drive. We also offer a high level quality service of making reports and associated parameters.

- Post-processing software

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Model Tuning

Use our high quality services in model adjustment or rent our transmitters, receivers, antennas, Walmeters and associated equipment to predict the behavior of your network in different frequencies

- Tx transmiters
- Receptors
- Antennas
- Walmeters

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Frequency/Spectrum Clearance & Hunting

We offer services of Clearance & Frequency Hunting, as well as the rental of high technology equipment.

- Spectrum analyzers
- Antennas (Omni, Horn)
- Post process and report

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Training Services

Our training solutions are aimed by qualified experts on telecommunications. Become familiar with Drive Test, Post processing, model tuning, Clearance, Hunting tools and methods.

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